The Tokenization of Art.

Today digital technology and artistic expression are inextricably intertwined. The compelling integration and synergy of art and technology has been made possible by modern digital tools and software. Combine this rapidly growing digital art industry, with the advantages offered by NFTs, and endless possibilities emerge. Such as tokenizing works of art to facilitate trustless ownership, creating unique, rare and indivisible tokens representing individual works of art.

For our NFT platform EDDASwap has partnered with leading global artists, designers and producers to create a specially curated collection of digital art and content which will be exclusively accessible to EDDA Token holders.

The following videos are a teaser of EDDASwap’s digital art capabilities.

Stay tuned for further details regarding the EDDASwap ecosystem and the EDDA Token sale.

Presenting EDDASwap’s NFT Platform

EDDASwap’s highly anticipated NFT platform is ready for launch!

The platform goes live this week, and EDDA holders will be able to stake their tokens to earn exclusive, limited-edition NFTs specially created for EDDASwap by the world’s leading 3D artists and motion graphic designers, including legends such as Primal Cypher and Space Yacht Labs.

How the NFT platform will work

- The NFTs will be distributed through two unique staking pools, similar to EDDASwap’s existing staking platform. Users will be able to stake both their EDDA tokens and their EDDA LP tokens, and will receive different sets of NFTs through each of these staking pools.

- For each EDDA or EDDA LP token staked, users will receive a certain number of “Samurai” points per day, as a reward for staking the tokens. These Samurai points are the NFT platform’s in-house currency, and they can be redeemed by the user in exchange for the NFTs of their choice.

- Each NFT available on the platform will require a certain number of Samurai points to redeem. The rarest NFTs by the top artists will require the highest number of Samurai points. Therefore, the NFT platform rewards EDDA holders and users that stake their tokens for a longer period of time to accrue more Samurai points, by giving them exclusive access to the most desirable NFTs.

- Additionally, there will be a maximum cap on the number of EDDA or EDDA LP tokens each user can stake, ensuring that no whales can monopolize any of the NFTs.

- Upon redemption, the NFTs will be automatically transferred to the user’s wallet. They can be sold on secondary NFT markets such as OpenSea and Rarible or simply held as collectibles, being one of the first-generation collections of tokenized digital art.

Parameters of the EDDA Staking Pool

- For every 1 EDDA token staked in the platform’s EDDA staking pool, 0.5 Samurai points will be generated per day.

- The maximum number of EDDA tokens each user can stake will be capped at 10 EDDA.

- The highlights of the initial collection of NFTs available through the EDDA staking pool include exclusive works by leading artists such as Primal Cypher.

Parameters of the EDDA LP Staking Pool

- For every 0.0001 EDDA LP tokens staked in the platform’s EDDA LP staking pool, 2.5 Samurai points will be generated per day.

- The maximum number of EDDA LP tokens each user can stake will be capped at 0.0002 EDDA LP.

- The highlights of the initial collection of NFTs available through the EDDA LP staking pool include limited-edition 3D video NFTs of CZ Binance, Vitalik Buterin, and the Winklevoss twins.

V1 of the NFT platform, with all the features and functionalities explained above, will be live soon! Stay tuned for further updates, including additional NFT collections from top artists, new features, and perhaps a few surprises along the way, as we expand the platform!

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